Ultimate Light Management System

Light Diffusers are Obsolete

The Modern, Hi-tech Approach to Light Management-

Bend and Shape Light Exactly Where Desired

The future of light diffusion is not light diffusion at all ...

Re-shaping and bending the light to exact desired locations or shapes is the key to efficiency and converting lighting to a more pleasing, efficient and dynamic environment. Exact shapes and light intensities can be created with near 100% efficiencies.

The answer is Lumenco’s new (patent pending) micro optic solution that uses millions of tiny light-bending facets to redirect the light to exact specifications. Each facet has an exact target or vector to bend the light to the desired location. The facets are created in Lumenco’s Ultimate Light Management (ULM) software, and are distributed to create any lighting profile, shape or distribution without hot spots.

The micro facets can be scaled to any size allowing different manufacturing processes from embossing to extrusion. This allows flexibility in applications from scientific to mass market. The technology is also agnostic to the light source. The specific angles of the incoming light are input into the software allowing perfect and efficient light distribution for LED, fluorescent, halogen or any light source with near 100% efficiency.

[heading type=”2″ align=”center”]Efficiency[/heading]

Outdated light diffusers block incoming light, sometimes using titanium oxides or metal fixtures. Light is blocked and redirected resulting in low efficiency and areas with hot spots. Efficiencies are often down to 30%. There is little or no science involved in these diffusers. Lumenco’s ULM uses every ray of incoming light, resulting efficiencies of over 95%. There is virtually no TIR (total internal reflection) in the micro facets and no wasted light.

[heading type=”2″ align=”center”]Customization[/heading]

Each and every room, building, automobile, airplane or environment is unique. Indoor and outdoor lighting ambiance should be uniquely created to match. Lumenco’s ULM micro facets and software allow the exact desired design of light distribution. Designs can be accomplished and modeled in Lumenco’s ULM software in a few hours and 3D plots can be seen and adjusted as desired.

[heading type=”2″ align=”center”]Tooling[/heading]

After a small test of a “coupon” of the distribution, larger master tools can be created in a few weeks. These tools can be tiled seamlessly for extrusion, UV casting or embossing in weeks rather than months. The production tools can be inexpensively replaced if damaged from the masters.