The design and manufacturing challenges involved with highly complex optical devices are extraordinary. Reliable ray tracing software is the most crucial tool for the design and manufacture of our lenses. Ray tracing software is where Lumenco’s depth of expertise, experience and innovation truly shines. Our state-of-the art software is the reason why we can design and manufacture unparalleled micro lenses for security features, ray splitters for solar technology, and light diffusers for LED, among other areas of application.

An industry leader, Lumenco has developed and owns unique, proprietary ray tracing algorithms and software. Combined with years of hands-on printing and manufacturing experience, our ray tracing algorithms and software allow us to design and manufacture highly effective micro-lenses, micro-mirrors, and optical devices for a diverse range of advanced technologies. This combination of algorithms and software are the foundation of our “platform technology.”

Our algorithms and related software are highly complex: they require a thorough understanding of each associated technology. Additionally, particular software can often be used for multiple lenses and technologies.

At Lumenco, we are constantly moving forward, and we have a deep reservoir of fresh ideas, technologies, algorithms and associated software that will propel us for years to come. Our technologies are vastly different and technologically superior to existing products of any competitor. It is our opinion that these ideas, technologies, algorithms, and associated software represent an innovative leap in technology and test the boundaries of what is possible in printing.