Lumenguide™ Film

In the world of solar, our Lumenguide Film technology is light years from any technology in the marketplace and should not be confused with thin film technologies such as the Ascent and First Solar thin film technologies.  Lumenguide Film technology is normal film, not conductive thin film, as developed by Ascent (after $1 billion in capital).  Our Lumenguide Film technology is based upon microstructures that guide the light to the edges of the film, eliminate the bulky glass and frames, and use only 5% of the PV material of traditional panels.  This film can be incorporated into buildings, window shades, vehicles, and many other practical, everyday applications. Moreover, Lumenco’s Lumenguide Film will drop the cost per watt to less than half that of the current market.  Lumenguide Film is scalable, and requires less labor than any other solar device to create.  Lumenguide Film technology has the potential to render obsolete all existing solar technologies due to the drastically lower costs it requires to operate.