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Mark Raymond

Chief Technology Officer, Chairman of the Board of Directors

A well-established entrepreneur, scientist, and businessman, Mark, has founded and been CEO of several companies, including Collector’s Edge (founder), Raymond Enterprises (where he served as CEO), Plastiprint (co-founder), and DCL Motion Products (owner). Combined, these companies combine for sales of $30 million. More recently, Mark served as Chief Scientist for Genie Lens Technologies, LLC, a developer of anti-counterfeiting, solar and lens products.

Mark is considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on micro-lens imaging, and he has authored approximately 52 patents in optical sciences, including patents in anti-counterfeiting, solar technologies, and associated software.

Hector Porras

Vice President of Research & Development, Director

Hector brings significant experience in developing new lenticular technologies with a wide variety of applications to Lumenco. Hector began his career as a television show producer for the Chilean National Television.

In 2006, Hector shifted gears and served as Account Manager for DCL Motion Products, a developer of lenticular products. Prior to joining the Lumenco team, Hector served as Product Development Engineer for Genie Lens Technologies, LLC, a developer of anti-counterfeiting, solar and lenticular products. As an industrial civil engineer, Hector also contributes his experience as COO in several manufacturing and logistics companies.