Founded in 2012 by Mark Raymond and Hector Porras, Lumenco Inc. is a development -stage company. In 2013, we incorporated as a C Corporation, registered in Colorado, USA.

Lumenco has specific expertise in micro-optics and associated software. Our micro-optic technologies represent a platform that has application across a wide array of diverse markets and industries. We have identified three primary markets to focus our initial development efforts, and we expect near-term commercialization in two of these three markets.

Mark, Hector, and Lumenco inventors are recognized in the micro-optics space as leaders in technology development with over forty patents either issued or filed. Additional senior management includes seasoned professionals with extensive experience in development-stage businesses. The Board of Directors is composed of senior management professionals, as well as two outside directors with years of successful business and investment credentials.

Lumenco is poised for significant growth and is prepared with ready-to-market technologies that demonstrate significant technological and competitive advantage over others in the micro-optics industry. Market strategy envisions joint venture, licensing, and distribution relationships with industry leaders as strategic partners moving forward.